imagesWell, I’m a little over half-way through Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, and I’ve been reading lots and lots of articles on Thomas Aquinas and Natural Law Theory… and studying for a midterm that I have on Friday… yay… I mean, between school and work I’m only working about twelve to thirteen hours a day, so it definitely could be worse. I did get to watch The Merchant of Venice for a class the other day, so that was fun. Anyway, I have a story challenge for you. So, you know the rules. Take your subject and run with it. Write me a story of 1000 words or less and stay on topic. As before, if it’s in any way applicable, you should use this to try to develop your world a little more :).

Your Challenge: Write me a story about the law. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a story about American Law, or even a national law, though it could be. However, it could also be a story about fundamental human nature, the character of God, or someone struggling to live by the law (Les Misrables anyone?). Victor Hugo’s masterpiece is all about different ways of approaching the law and the feelings and conflicts that they engender.


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