Well, on top of my job, I wrote four papers, finished up my reading for a class, and did a couple of hours of research for my papers last night. All in all, I feel like yesterday was a fairly productive day. On top of this, I’m starting Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics today, which is kind of exciting for me. The only Aristotle that I’ve seriously read is Poetics and part of Eudemian Ethics. I have, if I haven’t mentioned this yet, discovered that the philosophy of law is not my favorite thing in the world. I spent an hour today reading about the relationship of law and morality and the theories that attempt to unify concepts of liberty, morality, and rights. Anyway, I do actually have a plot challenge for you today. I’m going to give you a picture and I want you to develop a part of your world based on what you see. It should be a setting that is believable in your world, and that has potential for stories in it. Here’s you’re picture:



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