GilgameshWell, I’m just about finished with Plato’s Republic and after that I start into David Lyon’s book on law and ethics. Meanwhile, I am currently procrastinating on putting together my prep notes for this months meeting of my seminar. We’re covering the ethical thinking of the 5th century monastics through Martin Luther… sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Yeah… it pretty much is. We’re covering the Christian mystics this month as well, such as Bernard of Clairvaux, which I love (well… some of them anyway), and I really should be eager to write about Aquinas, given the sheer amount that I’ve read about/from him already this semester. However, sometimes ‘am’ takes a little while to catch up with ‘should.’ Honestly, I had the reading for the seminar done three weeks ago… I probably should’ve just written the paper then. Anyway, today is your story challenge. I want you to set this story in a world that your currently developing. One of the best ways to develop a world to write in, amazingly enough, is to write in that world. The more you write, the more your understanding of the world will solidify. The key here is to remember what you’ve written before and keep your world consistent (this is where world bibles come in handy). So, pick your nation and then write a story based off of these questions:

Your Challenge: Choose one major character in the history of this world and write a myth about him. This could be a great hero like Hercules, a god like Thor or Osano’wo, a monster like Jormungand, or an actual historical myth like Alexander the Great or Vlad Tepes. Regardless, the story should be written as a myth about the figure, not as a historical treatise. Make up a story that the people of your world tell around the fire, whether they believe it or not.


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