Snow! (Photo credit: me.)
Snow! (Photo credit: me.)

I just wanted to let you know it’s snowing right now where I am. Snowing. And it’s awesome.

This post was supposed to be a very long and interesting continuation of my last post on the discourse grammar in Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind, but sadly, the snow murdered any chance I had of writing it tonight.

The textbook that I used as a reference for my last post (and the book that was essentially my lifeline during the class I took on Advanced Grammar) is currently at work…while I’m currently trapped at home.

So, I’m going to take Selayna’s advice and post a few of my poems. Feel free to let me know what you think about them in the comments section!

This first poem is just a fun little one written from the perspective of a character in one of the books I’m currently writing (a fantasy novel):

The Seer

Insanity lingers like a friend at my door.

I’ve entertained the thought of letting her in,

But then I thought—well—she could stand outside

A day or two more.

This second poem is very strange and was inspired by a card from some board game that I can’t quite remember:

Picture this on a playing card: the image of this mirror, in place of a woman's head. It was rather disturbing.
Picture this on a playing card: the image of this mirror, in place of a woman’s head. It was rather disturbing.

My Face is a Mirror

hard, reflecting all

that is around me nothing

soft like the warmth

of another’s flesh beside

me. sometimes I wish for the heat

that would melt me until there was nothing

left but glassy puddles that glisten

softly in the shifting sunlight

before breaking.


3 thoughts on “A Murder of Snows

  1. I can identify with your poem on insanity,having been in that place at times. Only those who have will understand the comfort and the horror of the prospect of letting her in. Standing at the door, on the edge, is what sets us apart, what has always made us different. We are those who never fit into either the square or round holes in life. We feel and think deeply-love totally and express ourselves in the written word and colour. Because we are different is a reason to celebrate. That is what keeps me on the side safe side of the door-the one that will not let her in.

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