I hope that you’re all having a good week thus far! Mine’s actually on schedule… which is good because I’m trying to finish Chris Wright’s The Mission of God (which weighs in at 535 pages of hermeneutics, biblical exegesis, social and moral philosophy, and theology that I started on Saturday) by this Thursday night. 335 pages down, 200 pages to go. I am fairly happy with this. Anyway, it’s Wednesday, which means that you get a scene challenge. If you can’t remember the rules, I’ll provide them: I provide you with specific rules for how to write a particular scene.  Try to keep your scene under five hundred words, and try to keep it in the same tone as the introduction.  If I give a line that is very dark and depressing, then I don’t want to see a scene about a drunken monkey in a tutu…it just doesn’t fit.  If I do give you a line about a drunken monkey in a tutu, then you should probably try for a funny scene.

Your rules: You task this week is to write a scene of at least 150 words that is all one sentence. If you’ve been following the blog then you’ve seen this challenge before. Remember to make sure that the scene is grammatically correct, and that it flows well. Again, you might want to give it to a grammar nazi after you finish to make sure that your grammar is solid. Your cue: “The Leprechaun’s top hat was black…”

… … …Just fyi… this has its roots in a character that I created for a story many years ago. It was one of the Crugg stories… which none of you will ever, ever read… suffice it to say that Crugg is an insane goblin sorcerer who’s father, the former king of the 900,000 hells, died ten thousand years ago and now lives inside Crugg’s head. Also… when Crugg’s father, Gordon, died… they lost 300,000 of the hells, so now its the 600,000 hells. … …No one knows where the other 300,000 went. Anyway, when The Demon King Gordon was murdered and Death tried to collect his soul… …well, let’s just say that Death didn’t fair so well… which is probably why Gordon’s been hanging around inside people’s heads for the last ten thousand years. When Death bit the big one his position passed to another magical creature… and thus the first Leprechaun was born in this world. Which is fairly awkward because he has to dress in black, not green, and it always feels wrong. Also, he knows that he’s supposed to speak with an Irish accent… ….the only problem is that he has no idea what an Irish is. Needless to say, the new Death’s life has been challenging.


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