northbrotherislandWell, for anyone wondering, Alayna’s visit was a lot of fun! We got some good time together, had a nice double date, and generally had a fun, encouraging day. Now she’s headed back home to work, and I’m diving back into books… …so many books. I’m currently reading David Well’s Above All Earthly Pow’rs, which is excellent, and soon I’ll be starting Harold Berman’s The Interaction of Law and Religion. Anyway, I have an exercise for you. This is a setting exercise, and most of you have probably done these before, but just in case: I’m going to give you a set of criteria. Your job is to design a setting based on those criteria.

Your Criteria:

1) Your setting must be a modern day fiction setting. This could potentially be urban fantasy, but I would actually suggest surreal modernism.

2) Your setting must include a wilderness of some kind (this could be a remote desert, a deserted urban sprawl, a dense inner jungle, etc).

3) Your setting must include a small human settlement (i.e. a monastery, aboriginal tribe, gang, etc)

4) Your setting must include some kind of overarching government that the human settlement stands in some form of dubious relationship with (i.e. this could be a gang in relationship with city law enforcement, an aboriginal tribe in Ecuador in relationship with the Ecuadoran government, etc), and the complicated politics that this inevitably spawns.

5) Your setting must include some form of ‘exotic’ foodstuffs.


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