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What is the difference between action and intention? According to some early Jewish rabbis sin existed in action only, not in thought or intention. Some Muslims teach this as well. Christ, however, in the Sermon on the Mount (specifically Matthew chapter 5) taught that sin exists in intention and desire as well as in action. Thus, while some will argue that only the act of adultery is wrong, Christ teaches us that fantasizing about women, desiring to commit adultery, etc is also wrong. So, this is the question I have for you to consider today: what is the difference between action and intention? What are the similarities? How should we think about these things?

A connected question is this: what is the difference between motive and goal? According to some ethicists there are three major factors in any moral decision: motive, goal, and act. Simply put, the motive is the immediate impulse that leads to an act, goal is the ultimate end of an act, and the act itself is the thing you actually do. For instance, lust may be a motive, pleasure a goal, and sexual intercourse an act.

So, feel free to handle either of these questions. You know the rules: write me a story of 1000 words that answers the question and supports your position on the question.

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