I trust that everyone is having a wonderful day. Alayna and I saw Unbroken today, it as a very good movie, and I definitely suggest seeing it if you have the chance. Further, on Sunday Alayna, my family, and I are all going to see the last Hobbit movie, which should be excellent fun! So, I have a most interesting little problem for you today. Let’s say that you are living in a room with one window and one door. You have no desire to leave the room, and never have had any desire to leave the room. It is a very large room, and all of your needs are provided. You have food, water, material for education and entertainment, and even companionship. People come in and out through the door, but the door and window are kept locked at all times. Further both are made of extremely strong material, and it is unlikely that you could break either, even if you wanted to. So, here is my question: do you have free will? If not, why not? If you do, then can your free will be removed, and if so, under what conditions would it be removed?

As you know, you need to write a story of 1000 words that explains and defends your response to this problem.


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