Well, the mad dash to present day is finally over! I hope that you all survived. … …Okay, in all seriousness, I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that all of you had a moment to think about why we actually celebrate at this time of year. That part is, of course, much more important than either the presents we get or the presents we give (and honestly… most of the time I like the giving part better). I put up a post about Saint Nicholas yesterday, who is one of my favorite Saints… of course, I’m not exactly up on my Roman Catholic Saints. Alayna, her family, and I also went to a nice Christmas Eve service. I know that, for us, Jesus Christ really is the ‘reason for the season’, even if he was probably born closer to Easter (on a side note, did you know that Christians have been celebrating his birth in December since the 3rd century C.E. …it’s not exactly a new thing). However, Alayna got me Megalith’s Bale Scorch Cyclops miniature for their Godslayer line (which is my favorite miniature in the line, and it just came out), and her family was awesome enough to get me Endymion Wilkenson’s Chinese History: A New Manual. I am a happy man. However, in the here and now, it’s time for a plot challenge! Today’s challenge is a pretty basic one. I’m going to give you a very general idea for a setting, and then a few basic character archetypes to work off of. Feel free to alter things as you see fit.

Your Setting: A large underground cavern, big enough to hold a city, or possibly several cities.

Your Archetypes:

A Demon Hunter: So, this could be a hunter of actual demons who plague these cities… or he could be a crazy person who thinks he’s hunting demons while actually just harassing innocent people… it’s up to you.

The Judge: A man or woman of significant legal power and authority. While he/she may not be the highest authority in the land… or… cavern… he/she is close.

A Belly Dancer: Umm… I think this one is self-explanatory…

A Sword Swallower: So apparently we’re going with a circus theme here… what can I say, I’m under a little pressure at the moment. Not that I’m complaining.

An Esoteric Sorcerer: This is someone who uses distinctly non-traditional magic. I’ll let you figure out what that is for your world… but it should be suitably weird and mysterious.


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