Merry Christmas Eve! As some of you may have noticed, we just passed 3000 followers, which lightens my day quite a bit. However, I also have something to lighten your day. So, Alayna and I spent today touring the Smithsonian in Washingtion D.C. We saw both the Holocaust Museum (which was very worth it and thoroughly heart-rending) and the Natural History Museum. However, the highlight of the day came when Alayna saved the dinosaur exhibit (easily the most disappointing exhibit in the museum, and unfortunately the one I had been looking forward to the most) by accidentally backhanding a five year old girl. Admittedly, the girl saw her hand coming and did nothing to avoid it, and the girl’s father watched the entire thing and didn’t intervene. That being said, a friend and I found the event very amusing, and Alayna didn’t stop laughing for about five minutes. It offered over an hour of amusement. Anyway, I imagine that you’re here for your scene challenge. If you don’t know the rules: I provide you with specific rules for how to write a particular scene.  Try to keep your scene under five hundred words, and try to keep it in the same tone as the introduction.  If I give a line that is very dark and depressing, then I don’t want to see a scene about a drunken monkey in a tutu…it just doesn’t fit.  If I do give you a line about a drunken monkey in a tutu, then you should probably try for a funny scene.

Your challenge: Go troll the web (preferably with a friend). Find something that strikes you as interesting and try to write a scene of at least 300 words describing the situation, scenario, scene, whatever. This could take multiple formats. For instance, you could write as though you were the one doing whatever you found. You could write from the perspective of a fictional character reading the story that you read. You could even write the scene as though it was an article or an incident report. The form is entirely up to you. When you’ve both finished your scenes, trade and read what the other person wrote. How did your perspective and personality affect the scene that you wrote? What did each of you focus on? What details are present in both stories, and what details are unique to each? Consider your particular viewpoints, attitudes, beliefs, and emotional connections. How did each of this affect your scene?


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