first-date-questions3So, ever since Alayna and I started dating, I’ve been encouraging her to write. She’s actually a very good writer, and my post tomorrow will actually be her work. It just dawned on me that I finding a topic she was truly passionate about was the way to get her inspired about writing. Live and learn, right? I’m still reading Aquinas… what can I say, he’s brilliantly kicking by brain in the backside. Did you like the alliteration there? I’m a fan. Anyway, going with last week’s theme, I have a question for you that has to do with Alayna’s post tomorrow. You know the rules: I give you a question to think about, and you write a story of 1000 words answering that question and defending your answer.

So, your question is this: what is a date? Is it just a way to get to know someone? Is it the start of a relationship? Is it a commitment in and of itself? Is it just a fun way to kill some time?

I’ve talked to people with a wide variety of views on this question, ranging from ‘dates are just meaningless fun’ to ‘a date must be seen as the first step in the marriage process and thus as a powerful and sacred thing.’ So, no its your turn.


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