So, it’s time right now for a new topic in our philosophy exercises. Something that we’re planning on doing a series (short or long… not really sure yet) over the next few (several?) Sundays concerning gender issues. This is something that my girlfriend and I have been talking and, at times, arguing about a lot lately. We both think that the other person has some good points, but we are coming from two very different perspectives. So, we’re going to be writing several combined posts presenting the issues that we see from each perspective. So, to set up these ideas, I wanted to give everyone a question to be thinking about: who holds more power in the United States? Men or women? Also consider: what do you mean by ‘power’? I’m not actually going to define it for you, but you probably need to.

As always, write me a story of 1000 words that answers the question and defends your position.


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