Ohayo, everyone! So, I’m sure that a few people have noticed by now that no post went up today. I want to apologize for that. Paul doesn’t have computer access at the moment, and Selanya and I are both swamped with work. It’s frustrating sometimes, it’s it?! Anyway, I wanted to get something up for all of you. So, here’s something to consider: scripture repeatedly refers to human beings as sheep. We like to think of ourselves as wolves, sharks, eagles, or even as badgers or wolverines. However, not so much sheep. Sheep are stupid. Not just a little stupid. Sheep are blindingly, walk off a cliff that’s right in front of them stupid. So, I want you to think for a little bit about human nature. Are we sheep? If not, what are we? Why would scripture refer to us as sheep? Whatever your answer, write me a story of 500-1000 words presenting it. And again, I’m sorry that we don’t have a post for you today.

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