e3fc254d8d9137aa506bd5c3572d98f6_fullSo, I’m almost finished with Carl F.H. Henry’s Christian Personal Ethics, which is good since I have three more books to finish reading in a little over a week. However, next semester I get to read Harry Huebner’s An Introduction to Christian Ethics which is a massive book with about 700 words per page (if you like to count words than you know most books average around 300 words per page). Honestly, I keep getting the feeling that this book is plotting to kill me in my sleep sometime next March… beware the Ides of March, right? Okay, so maybe I don’t really expect a book to kill me in my sleep. It’s still going to be a long read. However, in the here and now, it’s time for a plot challenge! Today’s challenge is a pretty basic one. I’m going to give you a very general idea for a setting, and then a few basic character archetypes to work off of. Feel free to alter things as you see fit.

Your Setting: I’d like you to use the bar that you came up with for this plot challenge.

Your Archetypes:

A Wise Guy: Depending on what kind of bar you made this could be a yakuza enforcer, a made man with the mob, or a thug in some other kind of major criminal organization. However, you get the general idea, he’s a not a nice person.

The Bartender: a part of you challenge was to put together a character profile for the bartender in your bar. So, use that profile as a part of your plot development.

A Writer: Do you like Castle? I like Castle. So, one of your archetypes is a writer who make the bar his work space.

A Professor: Perhaps he’s a professor a literature at Harvard, or a professor a thaumatergy at the nearest college of magic. Regardless of your setting, he teaches something.

A Priest: Perhaps this is a fallen Roman Catholic father, or a priest of Frei who isn’t so fallen. This could be a priest of some mystical religion in your fantasy world. It’s up to you, but this is a holy man, or a man who used to be holy, or perhaps a man who is trying to be holy. It’s up to you.


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