Boy^_I_sure_did_a_good_day's_work_today^_-_NARA_-_534883I’m sorry this post is late. I managed to crash last night without even realizing that I’d forgotten to put one up for today! So, we’ve been talking about concepts of labor and a fair wage recently, and I’d like to add a third wrinkle: retirement. Consider: the vast majority of retired people work in some form or fashion. I remember when I was a security guard I worked with a retiree. I figured he was working part-time because he needed the money. However, as I got to know him better I found out that he had over a million dollars in the bank (well… I imagine it was probably invested somewhere, but you get the picture). When I asked why he was working for the (admittedly horrible) company that we worked for his response was that he ‘just wanted something to do’. This attitude seems to be pervasive. Regardless of whether we get paid, regardless of whether we need the money, we all seem to have a need to be productive in some way. The only other choice seems to be complete apathy, which is an even worse feeling than working. So, here is your question: why do we work? Is it a ‘god-given need’? Do we have a divine mandate to work? Is it simply a way to stave off boredom? Is it just a way to pay the bills? If it is, then how can we explain people like the man I knew at my security job?


One thought on “Philosophical Story Challenge of the Week

  1. I agree that humans as a species have a built in love of work and need to cooperate on projects that are larger than any individual. However, we are all compelled to work in certain jobs, because we need to pay the bills. I guess the real difficult thing is to find a job that pay in something you love.

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