So, I am deliriously happy at the moment. I finished my first major Ph.D. level research paper last night. It is twenty pages long (double-spaced), has a twelve page appendix, and about forty sources. It also tops out at a hundred footnotes, but that includes the appendices. I have it edited, and I’ve got two readers who are planning to look through it and give me feedback before I submit the paper. All in all, I’m fairly happy with it, and if it goes over well, I think I might try to publish it somewhere. A lot of work certainly went into the paper, that’s for sure. So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past three days. How have you all been? Seriously, leave a comment and let us know. Also, as of sometime this week the blog is officially at 2000 followers. I have to admit that I’d love to hit 3000 by Christmas. We’ll see if that happens. Anyway, I did find something that I thought was worthy of expressing my inner joy at the moment. If you get it, good for you. If you don’t… well, I pity you.

Star Wars Cast


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