28049e60f7dc55ccf4a6092263ea318e.640x360x1We’ve spent the last month or so looking at poverty issues, and I hope that all of you have gotten some good stories out of those questions. However, today I’d like to switch focus and look at some questions of wealth. Given movements such as the Occupy movement and the constant push for the wealthy to take on an ever higher percentage of the tax-burden in the U.S. I think a good question for today is also relatively simple to present. Consider: what are the responsibilities of wealth? Should the wealthy be able to keep what they earn? Can money made from investments instead of from productive labor (i.e. direct work that has a discernible impact) be considered ‘earnings’? Should the poor be entitled to a certain percentage of the nations wealth, regardless of what they earn? Do those with wealth have a moral responsibility to aid those without wealth?

Consider the capitalistic, communistic, and socialistic economic philosophies as you’re thinking about these questions. Also, consider the nature of labor and the concept of ‘earned wealth’ as opposed to ‘plundered wealth’. Also consider: is wealth primarily distributed or created? Is it both?


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