Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about the story I’m hoping to write, and the more I think about possible plot lines involving Rikard and Sizma the more I realize that I can’t seem to find one that actually does everything I need it to do in the space I have. However, while reading The Screwtape Letters I realized that I have a massive multiverse already set up around Kalagrosh, along with a wide array of supernaturel/spiritual forces that interact with various worlds in various ways. This also brought to mind an episode of Millennium, a truly horrible show with a few amazing episodes, in which four demons sit around a coffee shop sharing stories about their experiences in the world. The episode is, honestly, barely connected to the rest of the show, but it is possibly the best episode the show ever did. So, I thought that it might be interesting to do something… similar.

Daeva can take any form and are powerful beyond mortal conception, putting even the Magi to shame.
Daeva can take any form and are powerful beyond mortal conception, putting even the Magi to shame.

You see, all of the worlds of my multiverse exist within and (with the exception of one) are connected to an outer shell of near infinite void-space known as Ezgarl. Ezgarl is limited, and in the distant past powerful sorcerer kings (literally gods in their own right), known as Magi, bound bits of all of the worlds bordering Ezgarl into the voidspace to give the inner border a sort of physical shell and atmosphere that people could pass through (the original idea was that this would promote trade… that didn’t work out so well. Ezgarl separates the created worlds from the eternal realm in which Manitou, the essence of being, rules the Mainyu, incredibly powerful entities that actually made the created worlds. However, within Ezgarl an array of ever deepening evil sleeps including Daeva (beings as powerful as the Mainyu), their subservient demons, and thoroughly corrupted denizens of the created worlds. While the Daeva rarely wake (the last time they did was some thirty thousand years ago, and it literally took an invasion from the eternal lands [the only time the outer shell of Ezgarl has been breached since it was created] to free the created worlds from their grasp) their subservient demons drift back and forth between wakefulness and sleep. They inspire some (though far from all) of the religions of the created worlds, and take great joy in generally manipulating people in various ways. However, for about ten thousand years the vast majority of the borders between Ezgarl and the created worlds have been closed (held closed by ancient creations called the Twilight Gates). So, these demons cannot generally cross physically into the created worlds. However, a demon can send forth his consciousness to temporarily possess a mortal host (though the host usually has to be open to this, either consciously or unconsciously willing, which various demonically inspired religions promote in various ways).

So, this brings us to Merethal. In Merethal there are dozens of various religions, some devoted to long-dead Magi (whom they’re worshippers refuse to believe are dead), others devoted to various mythic figures that may or may not have once actually existed, still others devoted to various ideals or philosophies, one devoted to a strange orb that an archaeologist brought back from an ancient ruin he was exploring in a land to the west of Fa’ar, a few devoted to various demons, and the church of Van’ashar, the patron god of Fa’ar (who may be a Mainyu, or possibly even Manitou himself reaching into the world for some inexplicable reason). Four of these cults matter for the moment, these are the cults devoted to Ioloshna, Rakakpan, Lihkni, and Otor Kwaju. These are for demons who have used the often politically powerful members of their cult to systematically corrupt the Mediere over the past three generations in order to bring the nation into the state of utter oppression in which it now exists.

Lihkni has unusual taste in costumes.
Lihkni has unusual taste in costumes.

So, my current idea for this story, and we’ll see if this actually sticks, is to have these four demons (all possessing human hosts) meeting in a Cafe in Mathal to discuss the progress of their plans for the nation. Ioloshna is convinced that they are well on their way to creating a paradise of fear, decay, depravity, and oppression. Lihkni, however, is worried that they may have pushed to far, and will cite that they attempted the something similar in Fa’ar some five hundred years ago, which lead to the meteoric rise and spread fo the church of Van’ashar. Rakakpan is going to attempt to play mediator between these two, convinced that they are on the right track, but they need to be realistic and realize that it is not likely to last for long as humans are simply too fickle. I haven’t actually figured out what Otor Kwaju’s position is yet, and I’m honestly wondering if I actually need him. If I can’t figure out something useful for him to add, then I might just drop him from the story honestly.

So, as always, I welcome any comments and/or criticisms. Thoughts?


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