BaganmyoI read and I write, and then I read more. Anyone else have a similar life experience at the moment? Well, if your a graduate student I’m sure you do. I have to admit that I have enjoyed most of the books that I’ve read thus far (…one of these days I’m going to have to put up a list…). Anyway, life is exciting, and I hope that it’s exciting for all of you as well! I’ve been thinking a bit more about the story that I need to write. I’ve more or less settled on a story that focuses on Sizma, though I like NQ’s idea of Rikard playing an important part in that story. At the moment, I’m trying to think through plot lines, so I’ll let you know what I come up with. I considered trying to focus on debt issues, but rejected the notion of Merethal having a debt-based economy. While concepts of debt and credit certainly exist, I don’t think that the economy is advanced enough for it to actually be based on debt. Anyway, I have a question for you. You know the rules, write me a 1000 word story that presents and defends your answer to the question:

What is justice and how does it aid in developing opportunity for the poor? Consider the arguments of Plato, Thrasymachus, and Glaucon from The Republic. Consider the Old Testament financial and social laws, the Chinese concept of the Mandate of Heaven and the Celestial Order, and Modern concepts of law (especially concepts of private property, fairness in business, and the Rule of Law vs the Rule of Power) and social justice. You may also want to consider the video series Poverty Cure part 3 “Justice for the Poor”. Make sure that you are not thinking only in your own context, but also examining contexts such as Macaba in Buenos Ares, Burma/Myanmar, or Ghana, where property rights are extremely unclear.

You may also want to give some thought to the opposite question: what is injustice and how does it prevent the poor from developing in natural ways?


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