Vintage-Polish-Posters_Franciszek-Starowieyski_OniWelcome, welcome, welcome! You’ve found yourself in a den of madness and glory where the impossible comes true and your strangest wishes might be granted. We like to call this place… Imagination! Mwahahahahahahahaha! So, now, put yours to the test and engage all your senses, physical and metaphysical, in the adventure of a lifetime!

So, I’m feeling a little… sanguine at the moment (take that term in either of its primary meanings… also, I wish I knew how to do a smiley with vampire teeth). Instead of a picture post today, I thought I’d put up an extra writing exercise. So, here’s your task for today. Take the above lines and write me a story about the people and places they inspire. Enjoy yourselves and write me something interesting!


One thought on “Sunday Picture Post

  1. Sunday picture post? Never having been here before and i do not find myself able to ascertain the rules ( how many words, time frame stc..) I am just throwing this at you… A metaphysical piece of prose

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