Homeless_ManWell, it’s that time again. Time for questions and answers. So, before the government started its welfare programs those who gave their lives to caring for the impoverished and needy made a clear distinction between two concepts: the undeserving poor (or those who deserved aid because they did not deserve their poverty), and the deserving poor (or those who did not deserve aid because they did deserve their poverty). The undeserving poor were considered to be those individuals who were poor through no clear fault of their own. They may have been a victim of circumstance (as many were during the Great Depression for example, when jobs simply weren’t available), ill, crippled, or otherwise truly unable to work, but they wanted to provide for themselves, and did their best to do so (even if those efforts were insufficient). The undeserving poor, on the other hand, were those who were poor through their own choices. They may have been too proud to take the jobs that were available, lazy, addicted to some substance, or simply unwise with money (i.e. compulsive gambling, shopping, etc). So here is your question today: Is this legitimate? What is the important difference between the deserving poor, and the undeserving poor ? Should we make this distinction? If so, how do we do so in the modern world?


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