This is Pine Lake at Ruby Falls in Georgia, it's exquisite.
This is Pine Lake at Ruby Falls in Georgia, it’s exquisite.

Welcome to Friday, everyone! I hope that you’re all going to enjoy your weekend. I’m going to be reading the entire time, and when I’m not reading, I’ll be writing instead. However, my girlfriend is in town, so I will be reading and writing with her sitting next to me, which definitely makes the experience significantly better. So, I have an exercise for you today, and this is a setting exercise. Most of you have probably done these before, but just in case: I’m going to give you a set of criteria. Your job is to design a setting based on those criteria.

Your Criteria:

1) Your setting must underground.

2) Your setting may not simply be a video game style dungeon. It must be much more expansive than this, but it does not necessarily need to include nations or cities.

3) Your setting must include at least two well-developed sights of sublime beauty (i.e. ruby waterfall, river of diamonds, etc).

4) Your setting must include sentient beings of some kind (though they do not need to be particularly well organized).

5) Your setting must include one very well know mystic sage, oracle, wizened sorcerer, etc of some kind.


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