Ssurgeryo, it’s the first week of school, and I’m insanely busy with starting my last year of graduate classes, writing my thesis, and facilitating two classes of College Composition.I’m sure you know by now that super busy weeks for me mean creative writing posts on the blog! Today, you get to read a piece of poetry I wrote during an in-class exercise during my poetry seminar in January. This poem is a depiction of an experience I had during one of my multiple brain surgeries. Enjoy!

In Preparation for Surgery


Morphine pulses through surface veins

clenching the heart in a vise.


Green masks float beneath a dingy halo

above beeping machines emitting demonic shrieks.

Drugs yell a Hallelujah Chorus as they shred the brain.


A pink rabbit pushes a swerving wheelchair

the windows strangle the sunlight

and encroaching oblivion drapes the room with a corpse’s shroud.


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