Today, you get to enjoy one of the weird psychological short stories I wrote for my senior thesis 2 years ago. Have fun 😀



coffeeSHUT UP! You’re making too much noise. Shhhh, shhhh, shhhh, shhhh. That’s better. Relax. It’s not like I really want to kill you. Just because I’m going to doesn’t mean I want to. But it’s the only way. Oh, did I tie the ropes too tight? I’m sorry, I really am. It’s not going to matter in a few minutes. I said stop moving! Look, if you don’t keep still, I’m going to have to kill you right now, and I don’t want to do that it’ll mess everything up I’ll have to go find someone else because you won’t count, and then it’ll all be a mess. You don’t want that on your conscience, do you? Now…just sit still. There we go. Thanks, I appreciate that. I really hate having my system messed up, you know? Everything has to be perfectly and in order. If it’s not…well, it really upsets me and then my whole day is ruined. I’m sure you understand. A routine is a routine. I saw you get upset yesterday when you left for work five minutes late. Aren’t my new binoculars wonderful? I got them specifically to watch you. I can see right into your kitchen from across the street. I saw that your wife didn’t start the coffee on time. It made me upset, too. She left three coffee cups on the shelf, and that’s just not right. She should have cleaned out the old one and put it back on the shelf, so there would have been four. Don’t worry, I took care of it earlier. She’ll be very pleased to see that it’s balanced now. Four coffee cups on the shelf. It has to be four. Balance is everything and four is balance. That’s why I have to kill you.

Shhhh! How many times do I have to tell you to be quiet?! Oh…you don’t understand why I’m going to kill you? Well, that makes sense. No one ever does. No, you’re not the first. You’re number 15. So close to perfection! I’ll explain that later. Do you want to know why? We have a little bit of time left, and it’s so much easier if we talk to pass the time away. It’s even easier for you. All you have to do is be quiet and listen. Just relax. It’ll all be over soon. Please stop struggling. You won’t get away from me. Number 3 did, and she very nearly messed up my system. Took me forever to get her back to the rug, and I didn’t get to explain everything to her. I do think it’s so much easier if I can explain, don’t you? Then you understand and you won’t be surprised. But she died confused, poor thing. Still, at least it worked out just in time. It always does. Looks like everything’s still in place, so we’re good to go. By the way, thank you so much for wearing that shirt today. The blood will show up so nicely on the white, and the four buttons make it absolutely perfect. You must have sensed that something like this was going to happen. Isn’t it wonderful how things work out like that? Oh, stop fidgeting. If you break another one of my lamps, I will be very put out I’ve only got 8 left you know and where would I get more at this time of night and please just be still.  shirt

Anyway, you have to die because of four. Four is perfection, you see. I’m the fourth child in my family. My parents didn’t have any more after me. Why should they? Four is complete. They must have seen that, because they gave me four names. It’s different. No one else in my family had four names. No one knew I was anything special at all. But I knew the truth. I was special. They were normal, but I wasn’t. I understood better when I got glasses. I could only see halfway before, now with four eyes I could see perfectly. Things became clear to me. Two begins balance…one and one. But two more completes it, and it becomes four. Two and two is four. Don’t you understand? It’s perfectly balanced. Two is only halfway to perfection, but four is balance in everything. Nothing is left over. And it’s still special. Anyone can have two…two eyes, two names, two coffee cups. But only the perfect ones have four. That’s why you’re special, too. You have four names, like me. You wear glasses, too. Your life is filled with four, even though you don’t know it consciously. I’ve watched you for several months now, and I’ve seen it. There are four panes of glass in each of your windows. Did you ever notice that? There’re four trees around your house. Four pillows on your bed. You own four pairs of shoes. And so much more. Four, four, four, four. Four is everywhere! Your wife, she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t know the power of four. She’s trying to change things into twos or threes and sometimes even fives. She doesn’t understand balance. That’s why I chose you. Four must be restored to you, but it can’t happen here. Not in this life. I don’t blame your wife. She’s like everyone else. No one understands four. Most of them are threes or twos, incomplete and unbalanced. They don’t know that we’re special, that we hold balance. If they knew, I wouldn’t have to do this. But Earth isn’t the place for us anymore. God told me so, years ago. A great voice spoke to me from the sky, and then He came and speaks inside my head. A group of fours has been chosen to move on to what comes after. Where four always exists and things are perfect, to prepare the way for the rest of the fours who will come after. I was chosen to send you there. You should be happy, for you are one of the chosen.

That’s why I’m still here, you know. If I had departed this life first, I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my task. I will go next, after you. Don’t you get it? You’re number 15. The last of the others to go. I have been chosen as 16. That is the number of heaven. It is a reward for my faithfulness that I will represent that perfection. Yes, you will go ahead of me, and I will follow, when my task is complete. How I look forward to that day! My journey hasn’t been easy. You’d think it would be, right? Just finding a four and sending him or her to the beyond. The police don’t understand, the poor things. No, I take that back. One of them might have, at the end. He was a four, too, so I chose him. He was blessed, because he was the fourth I chose. Lucky, lucky man.

bloodAh, it’s almost time. Just let me put my gloves on. Please, stay still! If you move, you’ll get blood on the carpet. I hate having to clean up that mess. There we go. This has to be done in a very specific way, or the power of four is broken and you won’t be able to travel through. I have to kill you at 4:44, on April 4th. That’s today. I will follow you at the same time on the same day next year, the 16th year since my calling. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to stab you four times. Precision is so much easier with a knife than a gun, don’t you think? Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. The first blow will kill you. The other three provide balance. Four identical, perfectly aligned wounds.  Your death will be as your life, in terms of four. It will make the afterlife so much better for you. Shhhh. 16 seconds. It’ll all be over soon, and you will thank me. Embrace the power of four, forever. One, two, three….


3 thoughts on “Short Story: “Four”

  1. What an idea! I loved it that you could imagine something like that but the story is scary. I could almost sense myself as the ‘fourth’.

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