ethics-and-complianceHey everyone, Saturday is finally here again, and with it comes another philosophical story challenge. This week I want to keep it pretty short and simple since the last two challenges have been pretty in-depth stuff. You guys deserve a little bit of a break too! So I’ve decided to shift our focus this week towards ethics. Throughout philosophy ethics has always been a bit of a hot topic. On the one hand you have theistic philosophers who propose that any true and objective ethical system must find its basis in a deity (or in at least in some sort of entity that exists outside of humanity), and on the other hand you have naturalistic philosophers who more or less believe that ethics and morality are mere societal constructions created in the process of social evolution as mankind advanced into social beings. A lot of these philosophers have had mixed success in their attempts to establish effective and coherent ethical systems. For your challenge this week I want you to write a story involving an ethical system that falls outside of what we commonly experience in our lives. That is, most ethical rely on a concept of right and wrong. I want you to write a story where the concept of right and wrong is not based in either theistic morality or societal benefit. As always, please keep your story under 1,000 words if you want to post it on here, but feel free to write more!

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