Okay, first of all I want to apologize that this post is late. I didn’t have any internet access last night. It’s going to be a fairly long (fun, but long) weekend. So, I do have an exercise for you today, and this is a setting exercise. Most of you have probably done these before, but just in case: I’m going to give you a set of criteria. Your job is to design a setting based on those criteria.

Your Criteria:

1) Your setting must be one nation in a larger world. This nation may already have a name and basic outline (i.e. already be part of your world), and you may use this exercise simply to flesh out an existing nation.

2) Your capital must be a center of the cultural life for your nation. It must be a center of the arts (whether those be scupture, music, etc, or necromantic in nature), and the sciences.

3) Your nation must have at least six other major cities. These cities should be surrounded by outlying communities such as farming villages, mining towns etc, and each city should be well-developed.

4) Your nation must have at least one national religion, though it may have more than one. You should have a basic idea of the foundational beliefs, tenets, and practices of each religion.

5) Your nation should have at least ten national heroes (these could be living heroes or long dead legendary heroes).


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