images (2)Well, I’m driving back to Wake Forest today. Yay for travelling! Okay… honestly, I don’t expect any of you to be particularly concerned with my travel itinerary, I just didn’t know how else to begin today’s post. I’m sitting here after having read a bunch of philosophy and my brain is a little… weary. I think weary is probably the best word for it at the moment. So, today is your story challenge and I’m going to connect this post to the Plot Challenges I’ve been having you do to build your world. I want you to set this story in one of the nations that you developed for this post. One of the best ways to develop a world to write in, amazingly enough, is to write in that world. The more you write, the more your understanding of the world will solidify. The key here is to remember what you’ve written before and keep your world consistent (this is where world bibles come in handy). So, pick your nation and then write a story based off of these questions:

Your Challenge: What character archetype did you develop this nation around? Who was the ruler? Now that you have that in mind, consider: what is this particular ruler’s philosophy of governance and authority? How does he rule? Why does he rule that way? What does he believe is good about his reign? Write a story characterizing this ruler and his particular ideology. If you like the exercise, do it for all of the rulers/ruling bodies that you created. As always, have fun with this exercise. If you don’t enjoy it (at least to some degree) then you’re doing it wrong.


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