Well, it’s Sunday! As you all know we like to take Sunday’s off here at the Art of Writing. I hope that all of you have had truly excellent weeks. I’m starting to get settled in and actually start my research here, which is a wonderful thing that is going to take up a massive amount of my time. Also, if you haven’t heard of Khan Academy I thoroughly suggest it as worth your time. If you have kids it’s a great website that a friend informed me about for supplementing (or… you know… improving) their school education. Also, if you’re just looking to improve your own knowledge in weak areas, the site is extremely useful for doing so. Personally, at the moment I’m using it improve my paltry mathematical skills. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day! And lest you think I forgot, I found this for you. Inspired by my current readings on Socratic and Platonic virtue concepts:

paintings landscapes ships fantasy art digital art airbrushed roman radojavor warships rome total war 2_www.wall321.com_19

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