Six days left until the move. I’m not going to lie, it’s honestly a little bit terrifying. Still, I’ll be glad when the packing and moving and unpacking is over. Anyway, you know that we take Sundays off here at the Art of Writing. So I went and found this for you. Hope you enjoy it:

Personally, I think this would be awesome to use for a vampire lord.
Personally, I think this would be awesome to use for a vampire lord.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Picture Post

  1. I remember a line from a video game: not all humans are good, so why should all vampires be evil? It might be fun if, as creepy-looking as this guy is, he turned out to be one of the good guys.

    1. Hmmm… It would be interesting, though I’m always iffy about vampires as romantic heroes. While it’s interesting, the idea that a murderous, blood-drinking, demon-possessed corpse is a good guy has always struck me as a bit off :). And I am somewhat opposed to changing the basic nature of vampires.
      That being said, I have no problem with using vampiresque, but distinctly non-vampire characters as morally neutral characters. For instance, in the world of Kalagrosh there exist a small cadre of near immortal sorcerers. All of them survive by drinking very small portions of the lives of millions of people simultaneously. However, at some point in each one’s history he/she sucked the lives out of individuals one at a time, generally murdering them, and sometimes going insane in the process. Some of them have ultimately changed for the better, others haven’t.

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