I went to see the new X-Men movie tonight (I really liked it by the way), and I stayed to watch the credits. I know what you’re thinking, and yes there is a hidden scene after the credits, but that isn’t why I stayed to watch them. Movie credits consistently leave me in awe. We can all talk about the debauchery of Hollywood, or about the ridiculous sums that movie stars receive. I’ll be the first to say that I wish that Hollywood in general was a more moral, less greedy place, and that both actors and athletes should be paid less. However, consider this: X-Men Days of Future Past created over 15,000 jobs across four different nations, some of which have worse unemployment rates than ours. Yes, the jobs were temporary, but they were still jobs that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, and some of them lasted quite a while. Not only that, but over 15,000 people contributed to making this movie, all working together, serving in concert, to create something beautiful. That’s pretty amazing, and that’s why I stayed for the credits. I encourage you to stay for the credits as well. So, we’ve done all of Plato’s virtues, but we’re not done writing about basic concepts. Here’s todays:

Your Challenge: Write me a story about the nature and meaning of Worth. What does it mean to have ‘worth’? Is there a difference between ‘worth’ and ‘value’? What gives someone or something ‘worth’, and how do we determine that worth? Is it possible to have intrinsic worth, or is all ‘worth’ given from an outside source?


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