Welcome everyone to the first day of the week… or the last day of the week. It really depends on your perspective. However, one thing that we can say for certain: Sunday is not the middle of the week. I am constantly trying to convince my students that there is a middle point between believing ‘What I was raised with is the absolute truth and everyone else is wrong’ and ‘There is no absolute truth, nothing is true, everything is perception’. Honestly, in modern America I think this is probably a losing battle. However, some battles are worth fighting, even if you know you’re going to lose. The battle of Thermopylae is a good example of this. Anyway, as you know, we all take Sundays off here at the Art of Writing. However, I went and found you a fun little picture. Anyone ever dreamed of living on a turtle’s back?

(Photo Credit)
(Photo Credit)

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