This excellent piece was done by RUBart. You can find more of his work here, enjoy!
This excellent piece was done by RUBart. You can find more of his work here, enjoy!

Willkommen! Ich schreibe mein Blog! Ich schreibe, Ich arbeite Ich spiele, Ich schlafe, weiderholung! I hope that’s at least marginally correct. I’m learning some new words, which is always a good thing. I’m not entirely confident when it comes to person though, and I only know present tense verbs. Anyway, I also just picked up a compilation of all five Hitchhiker’s novels for a penny (plus shipping and handling of course), which I’m rather proud of. Admittedly, I have absolutely no reason to be proud about that, but I’ve decided to be anyway. So, today’s plot challenge is a basic one. I’m going to give you a setting and a few characters, and you’re going to give me story plots that use them.

Your Setting: A south American esque fantasy nation. This is a bronze age nation based on either the Aztecs, the Olmecs, or the Mayans (your choice) in which magic, gods, etc are all real (although, that’s kind of implied when I say ‘fantasy’).

Your Characters:

Tlatahua: Tlatahua is the clan’s best cook. He’s a wizard in the kitchen (possibly literally). He is a kind-hearted person who does his best to take care of everyone in the tribe. He’s actually pretty good at it. Oh, and he killed a god this one time… with a wooden spoon… it’s a thing…

Qaxactlan: The god that Tlatahua killed, who may or may not actually be dead. Either way, he’s not particularly happy with Tlatahua. Qaxactlan was a god of rubbish, rot, and disease. Tlatahua caught him poisoning the clan’s food stores. The rest is history.

Xitik: Xitik is the lead hunter of another tribe. His tribe lives nearby and they often work together with Tlatahua’s tribe.

Shatalun: Shatalun is Xitik’s wife. She’s one of the tribe’s shoulder-women (think female shaman/doctor) and is generally one of the scariest people you’re ever likely to meet. She wears a necklace of jaguar teeth. No one’s really sure if Xitik actually gave it to her…

Xuklu: Xuklu is Qaxactlan’s sibling. He/she can be either gender, depending on the situation, but beyond switching genders Xuklu’s shape-shifting is restricted to minor changes in skin tone and facial appearance. Xuklu is a god/goddess of deception, trickery, and general mischief.


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