There are many times when I don’t really understand people, and many times when I feel like people don’t understand me. At its most simple this is because we all think in different ways. Obviously specific instances can be much more complicated than this. Differences of opinion can be cause by any number of factors. The movie Noah is an excellent example of this. I’ve read a number of different reviews with themes ranging from ‘This is the biblical story of Noah word for word’ to ‘This is heresy, they don’t even mention God!’ As you might expect, neither of these views is particularly accurate (surprise, surprise). Overall, I liked the movie. There are some sections that clearly, obviously veer away from the biblical account. However, overall it’s a fairly good movie. I generally think the first half (pre-flood) is much stronger than the second half (during-flood), but really what I’ve come down to is that the vast majority of the movie that doesn’t take place on the ark, I like; but the majority of the movie that does take place on the ark, I don’t like. While I get what the creators were trying to do, I think that they vastly overplayed their hand in the during-flood scenes, which ultimately weakened the movie as a whole. So, this is your story challenge today. I want you to write a story based on the picture below, and stay true to the picture (this should be easier than rewriting a story). If it isn’t in the picture (i.e. it is extra-picture but fits with the general setting, theme, ideas, etc) then feel free to put it in. A lot of rewriting (especially when the original work is very limited in scope) is about fleshing out the story. However, if what you want to do clearly conflicts with the picture (for instance, if there’s a dragon in the picture and you’d rather it be a phoenix) then suck it up and deal. Stay true to the picture.

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(Photo Credit)

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