ethicsHey guys, it’s time for another Philosophical Story Challenge. This week’s challenge comes from ethics, and specifically, morality. I’ve written several posts before regarding morality and objective truth but this week I want to steer clear of that discussion. Instead, I want to focus on a few alternate theories of morality. More specifically, I want us to look at pragmatic ethics and role ethics. These two ethical theories derive morality from society, though in slightly different ways. Pragmatic ethicists believe that morality is derived from society and that it progresses much like scientific knowledge: through little developments over the course of many lifetimes. On the other hand, role ethics holds that morality is found in a person’s relationship with their respective community. Everyone has a specific role within a given community and the morality of an action is based on how it fits into your role. Both of these theories are an interesting contrast to the idea of divine morality that has been present for many centuries. Your challenge this week is to write a story which exemplifies one of these two ethical theories. As always, if you want to post your story on here please keep it under 1,000 words, but otherwise feel free to write more! Have fun!


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