The-clockHey guys, it’s Saturday once again so I’m here to bring you yet another philosophical story challenge. I want to keep this week’s challenge fairly simple so I’ve decided to give you all a topic that we’ve touched on once or twice before in past Philosophical Story Challenges: time. Philosophically speaking, time is a very interesting and confusing component of reality. Not only is it a somewhat arbitrary concept that would have no foundation outside of a solar system, but according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, it is also relative to speed. So we are faced with a sort of existential problem; our lives revolve around time and our concept of its passing, and yet it seems as if the only reason it exists is because we say it does and it is a convenient way of understanding our observations. So your challenge this week is this: write a story involving an absolute time. That is, instead of our arbitrary concept of time based on the revolutions of our planet on its axis and around our sun, create a setting in which there is an absolute time that holds true anywhere in the universe.


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