seat_anim_framesHey guys, sorry for how late this post is; it completely slipped my mind this week. Anyway, it’s Saturday again so it’s time for another philosophical story challenge. For this week’s challenge I’d like to take us back to the problem of identity. This hails from the metaphysical side of philosophy, and the basic idea is that there seems no way to really prove that we, as beings, are the same being today that we were yesterday. Physically and mentally we change over time, and yet common sense dictates that our being persists across time despite the fact that we are constantly changing; our bodies and our minds are never the same so there must be something more that creates identity. There are two main theories that contend for an explanation of this phenomenon. The first, Endurantism, holds that a whole objects exists at all points in its timeline, and that it is the same object in existence. Your being then, is the whole object, and your body and your mind are simply changing parts. The other theory, Pendurantism, holds that objects are multi-dimensional entities made up of many smaller, changing parts–much like frames in a movie. Each frame exists separately but you don’t have the whole movie until you put them all together. Your challenge this week is to write a story with a character whose identity is not preserved through time. That is, where changes in body and changes in mind change who he is as a character in a fundamental way. As always, try to keep it under 1,000 words if you want to post it on here, but feel free to write more! Have fun!


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