IM000292.JPGSorry for the late post, y’all….as Tobias hypothesized, yesterday was full of work (night shift sucks), grading papers, proctoring exams, and research. So I completely forgot to write my post. To make up for it, I’m going to share a bit of poetry with you. I wrote this in my poetry seminar earlier this semester. Enjoy!

What Love Is

Love is not thoughtless,

taking the bullet meant for him,

expiring in an easy out,

with a shallow “I love…”

causing a romantic stain like the blood on his shirt

for the rest of his days.


Love is deliberate,

crushing the prescription pills,

consciously choosing torturous existence

on a day when just breathing is hell,

because even your agonized brain knows

there would be no kiss of peace

for the walking dead man behind your coffin.

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