Entschuldigung! So far, in the little bit of German that I’ve learned, that’s probably my favorite word… and it’s appropriate for today since it means ‘sorry’. It’s that time of year, school is almost out, finals are on the horizon, and all of the college students are panicking horribly! I’m guessing that Selanya spent all day yesterday alternatively grading papers/tests, doing research, and studying. So, hopefully she’ll get a post up sometime today. If not, well, I guess you’ll get to have fun with my entry level German. So far, I’ve learned the following phrases that are completely true about myself at this moment:

Ich bin ein Mann!

Ich bin ein Bar! (The A should have an umlaut over it)

Ich trinke Tee!

Ich esse Fruhstuck. (Again, the Us should have umlauts)

Ich bin keinen Haustier.

…Yes, at the moment my German is extremely limited. Anyway, I went and found a picture for you as well :).

(Photo Credit)
(Photo Credit)

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