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Ich bin ein Mann! Du lesen mein… I have no idea what the German word for blog is. However, I’m learning a little, which will help out eventually. Honestly, after looking through Duolingo, it’s a good place to start, but it’s not going to get me anywhere near where I’ll need to be to translate scholarly articles… or Kant. Well, I supposed it’ll be a journey. Oh, and I looked it up. Apparently the German word for blog is… blog. Amazing, isn’t it? Anyway, today’s plot challenge is a basic one. I’m going to give you a setting and a few characters, and you’re going to give me story plots that use them.

Your Setting: A small desert nation in a fantasy world that is surrounded by larger, more powerful nations (think Kuwait).

Your Characters:

Anzig: Anzig is a young man who is focused on learning the ancient art of sandweaving (I’ll leave it up to you what that is… sounds magical to me though). Like most young men, he’s in love with a woman who hasn’t actually noticed that he exists (at least, not from his perspective).

Habicha: Habicha is the young woman who Anzig is in love with. However, she doesn’t realize that. Habicha has a crush on Anzig, but is very focused on her own medical studies (this could be magical healing or herbalism and rudimentary surgery).

Anyak ibn Shobal: Anyak is a powerful sorcerer lord who rules one of the nations bordering your own small nation. He is a good king, but he also dabbles in demonology, necromancy, and various other possibly questionable magic (again, I’ll let you decide how questionable these forms of magic are in this area).

Shimin Begram: Shimin is the head instructor at a university (magical and non-magical) in the capital city of your nation. Shimin is not human, I’ll let you decide what he is (I’m thinking a minor Djinn though). Shimin is often seen by his students as a heartless, merciless monster who has no sense of reason and constantly lays on the pressure. However, he does actually care about them, and about he good of the nation, more than they know.

Artok: Artok is a convicted murderer awaiting execution in your nation. He’s also both a rebel leader, and the king’s brother (talk about a complicated relationship). While the official story is that Artok’s rebels are terrorists funded by the surrounding nations to destabilize your nation and give them a reason to invade. Artok, however, claims that he was their father’s intended heir and his brother murdered their father and tried to murder him, which led him to flee the palace and begin his rebel movement.


3 thoughts on “Plot Challenge of the Week

      1. 🙂 I said, “Good luck learning German. It’s certainly a beautiful language.” Awesome that you got that many words for having just started! 🙂

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