shutterstock_10314562_crop380wHello again, Saturday has returned, and with it comes another Philosophical Story Challenge. For this weeks challenge I want to us to focus on a concept that all of you should be familiar with, even if you don’t know it by its name: the Cornelian Dilemma. The Cornelian Dilemma occurs when a person is forced to make a choice between two options which are both negative. A great example of this would be in The Dark Knight when the Joker put a group of criminals on one barge and a group of civilians on another; each with the trigger to destroy the other barge. He gave the two groups of people the dilemma of choosing to save themselves and kill the others or save the others and condemn themselves. Neither group wants to die, but neither group wants to be responsible for killing the others–there appears to be no choice that is both moral and desirable; thus the dilemma is formed. Your challenge this week is to write a story involving a Cornelian Dilemma of your own creation. As always, please keep your stories under 1,000 words if you want to post them on here, otherwise feel free to write more!


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