Elven Mountain CityAnd then the Ogre ate the monkey… The End. Heh, my all-time favorite line from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is: “And then they made me their chief.” Sometimes, it can be as much fun to just hear the tail end of a story as it could have been to hear the entire story. So, today’s exercise is a setting challenge. You’ve all done setting challenges before… unless you’re new to the blog. So, I’m going to give you a set of general guidelines, and your job is to create a setting that fits those guidelines. Within the guidelines provided you’re free to do whatever you want with your setting.

So, you’re setting guidelines:

1) Your setting must have at least three major cities with at least minimal demographics.

2) You must have at least one nation-state (this could encompass all three cities or you could write three separate city-states).

3) Your setting must be fantasy.

4) Your setting must include a dragon of at least human-level intelligence (thank me later :)).

5) Your setting must be politically unstable, perhaps on the verge of war.


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