photo-mainHey everyone, Saturday has come around once more which means it’s time for another Philosophical Story Challenge. For this week’s challenge I want to focus on the idea of possible worlds. If you don’t already know, possible world philosophy essentially says that there are many things that need not be the way they are; things that could have happened differently throughout history and throughout our lives. Thus, for every thing that could be otherwise, there is a possible reality where it is. This has a variety of interesting implications for logic and was a huge inspiration for David Lewis’ Modal Realism, but that’s beside the point. Imagine, if you will, one world in two separate realities. In one reality Hitler won World War II, and in the other there was never a World War II and Hitler is a famous artist from the mid 1900s. That’s the idea of possible worlds, and for your philosophical story challenge this week I want you to write a story involving two or more possible worlds that collide in one character’s life. As always, please try to keep your stories under 1,000 words if you want to post them on here, but feel free to write more on your own!


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