shaunyawWell, I know that the last time we got an award on here I was somewhat ambivalent about it. Mostly because it came with a lot of work that I didn’t feel like doing. However, I’m working on being less of a misanthrope… and less of a crochety old man, I’ve been told that I’m not old enough for that yet. So, Joe Bradshaw over at Art Inspired and Created from the Heart nominated us for a Shauny award. This is the only real information that I’ve been able to find about the award itself.

I do want to thank Joe for the thought and appreciation that come with this award. We certainly aren’t perfect here, but we all work hard to provide quality content that can be useful to all of you, and especially to you who are newer writers. When I first started this blog it was mine… my own, my precious!… sorry, couldn’t resist that, but it was mine, and I thought of it as mine. However, the truth is that it isn’t my blog anymore, it is our blog, and I share it with some great writers and great people. I probably don’t thank them enough for their contributions (seriously, I don’t even pay the poor devils), but I hope that each of them understand that any success this blog sees is due as much to each of them as it is to me, probably more so.

So, to Joe: thank you. To my fellow writers: thank you as well. And to all of you readers: I hope you know how much you mean to us. Someone needs to create an award for you. … …Maybe I’ll work on that.


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