Olson-Cabin-PY-010So, I spent all day today writing. It was wonderful. I’m almost finished with the first chapter of a new story, and I have to admit that, so far, I think it’s pretty good. Of course, all of this is as of… oh… a month ago when I actually wrote this post, so hopefully I’m somewhat farther along now. I know that, way back when, I promised pictures of my new models, but somewhere along the way, I damaged my camera, and now it won’t work. So, maybe at some point in the future… hopefully…  Anyway, today’s plot challenge is a basic one. I’m going to give you a setting and a few characters, and you’re going to give me story plots that use them.

Your Setting: A small cottage somewhere in the mountains. This could be fantasy, science fiction, or modern.

Your Characters:

Phil: The owner of the cottage. Phil is something of a hermit. He has no sir name, at least not one that anyone’s aware of, and claims to be a refugee from a long lost civilization on a dead world. Of course,  most people think Phil is insane… they still take his money though.

Cherise Sandavalle: Cherise is not a woman that you would normally find in the mountains. In fact the only reason that she’s in the mountains at all is her fiance/betrothed, Humphrey, who is an avid hunter and wilderness man. At the moment, Cherise is not a happy camper… heh… I made a pun :).

Humphrey Lord Norrel: Humphrey is the future lord of Norrel, but has yet to start taking his duties seriously. He’s an intelligent, capable young man who many people think with be a good lord, once his father dies. However, Humphrey is determined to enjoy life to its fullest until the moment that he must take up his father’s mantle.

Mill Van Dersnap: Mill is a trapper and forester. He’s familiar with the mountains in this area, and has been employed by Humphrey as a guide and huntmaster. Mill is also familiar with Phil’s questionable reputation.

Samik: Samik is a squirrel. Phil insists that Samik is actually a powerful chaotic wizard in disguise, but he looks and acts just like a squirrel… except for the odd way he seems to evesdrop on everyone’s conversations…


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