ImageHello everyone, Saturday has rolled around once more, and with it comes another philosophical story challenge. We’re going to keep this week’s short and simple. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings he used all the different races he created to represent different aspects of human nature. Loosely speaking, Hobbits represent the desire for simplicity and pleasure, Men represent the desire for instant gratification, Dwarves represent the desire for wealth, and Elves represent the desire for natural beauty. By combining all these races into once story, Tolkien succeeded in not only creating an interesting story, but also in delving into the realm of human nature itself. Your challenge this week is to write a story about a race of your own creation which represents an aspect of human nature in a similar way as Tolkien’s writings do. As usual, please keep your stories under 1,000 if you want to post them on here, but feel free to write more if you want.

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