quote-the-end-may-justify-the-means-as-long-as-there-is-something-that-justifies-the-end-leon-trotsky-186920Hey guys, looks like another Saturday has rolled around so it’s time for me to bring you a philosophical story challenge. This week’s challenge comes from the ethics side of philosophy. I’ve spent the past few days mulling over the idea of the end justifying the means and so I’ve decided to bring it to you. I know this is something we hear and see a lot of in different stories and movies, so I want to try to take a slightly different approach to it. Instead of asking for your interpretation or opinion through your story, in this week’s story I want you to create a situation in which the end cannot justify the means. Now, to clarify just a tad, I want to say that there can be a difference between the actual end and the intended end. Perhaps the intended end might have justified the means, but the actual end could not. There are a lot of interesting scenarios I can come up with in my head that would fit this, so I hope you all get creative and write something interesting! Remember, please keep your story under 1,000 words if you want to post it on here, but feel free to write more on your own. Have fun!


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