Well, it’s the beginning of February. You all know that we take Sunday’s off here at The Art of Writing. However, I wanted to find you a suitably awesome and yet tranquil picture to start off the month. Let me know how I did. Also, did you know that in Japan Valentines day is a day for women to do something special for the men they love? Usually homemade chocolates or something similar. A month later, on White day, men are expected to reciprocate by doing something special for the women who did something for them. I’ve always liked that idea, personally.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Picture Post

  1. Great find; it’s a great picture. There are so many vantage points within it that would be perfect for a park chair and a cooler of beers; the domes overlooking the waterfall, the lighthouse up the top, the plateau near the right.

    A good idea, but maybe its more efficient for both sexes to celebrate each other on the same day?

    1. Perhaps it is more efficient. However, I’m not convinced that love should be ruled by efficiency in the first place, and all too often it turns into one person celebrating the other who really does nothing in return.

  2. Love the picture!

    I don’t really see a point to valentines day anymore though. Don’t the origins of Valentines Day have more to do with Christian Martyrdom than they do with romantic love?

    1. Well, according to tradition, St. Valentine was executed for performing outlawed Christian weddings between Christians who were in love, so it actually has quite a bit to do with both.

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