LanternsWelcome to the very last day of January! If you have a significant other, it’s time to start thinking about Valentines Day. If you don’t, well… I suppose it’s time to start thinking about how to avoid Valentines Day. So, whichever might be the case, I’ve got a plot challenge for you. Today’s plot challenge is a basic one. I’m going to give you a setting and a few characters, and you’re going to give me story plots that use them.

Your Setting: Some kind of shopping bazaar. You could be writing in a modern shopping mall, a fantasy outdoor bazaar, or an alien emporium in some future world. However, what ever your genre, your world must have a version of Valentine’s day that is fast approaching.

Your Characters:

Soren Suvaraid: Soren is a young man who is recently married. He is looking to find something both special and cheap to give his new wife for the coming holiday.

Mikail Urbanoff: Mikail is a frustrated shop owner. He started his own business because he wanted to be lazy and do relatively little work. Most days he can get away with this, though his company is almost always struggling. However, during holidays his crystal sculptures are in high demand and he has more work than he wants, needs, or knows what to do with. He also knows that his wife of thirty years will be expecting something for the holiday, but always seems to be disappointed in his gifts. He’d really like to just ignore the entire thing.

Johann Thurgan: Johann is a middle-aged bachelor. Whether this is because he’s never had much success with women, or because he’s never really put much effort into finding a wife no one knows. However, it is clear that he hates the upcoming holiday with a passion, even going so far as to publicly campaign against it.

Martina Wiffle: Martina is the shop-girl at a small flower store in the bazaar. She’s over-worked during this season and more than a little frazzled. She is also frustrated with her boyfriend because she has convinced herself that he’s going to forget about the holiday entirely.

Ulga Hurfman: Ulga is an older widow who runs a small card and candy store. She employs two young men, and always does a good business during the romantic holidays, but she misses her husband, who died two years ago.


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