A limerick from the wonderfully funny and intelligent folks at xkcd.com.
A limerick from the wonderfully funny and intelligent folks at xkcd.com.

So it’s been a very long day of work, and I’m completely worn out. The brilliant post I had planned to write has completely flown out of the proverbial window 🙂 So I’ll save it for next time. I thought that today, I would share one of my favorite parts of the poetry class I took last week. I had to write two different limericks, and they were quite a lot of fun. A limerick is a 5 line poem that originated in England several centuries ago, and were popularized by nonsense writer Edward Lear. The rhyme scheme is aabba, with the third and fourth lines being shorter than the other three. Limericks are humorous in nature, and though they don’t have to be bawdy, they usually are. An anonymous older limerick reads:

The limerick packs laughs anatomical

Into space that is quite economical.

But the good ones I’ve seen,

So seldom are clean,

And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

The limericks I wrote, however, avoided the bawdiness. I’m not really a fan of that sort of thing. And good “clean” limericks are actually becoming more widespread these days, which is nice to see. At any rate, I thought I’d leave you with one of the limericks I wrote in my poetry class. For this assignment, I had to write 15 different poems and submit them…by poem 12, I was running out of ideas. The following limerick was the result. Enjoy!

There was a grad student from University

Who had to take classes in poetry.

And though she was smart,

Her rhymes fell apart,

And now she’s a major in History.


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