magic_nameHey everyone. The time has come once more for a philosophical story challenge. Our topic this week deals with essentialism; the belief that for any person, object, or entity there exists a set of qualities which make it what it is, unique from every other person, object, or entity–it’s essential qualities. I mention this because our story challenge for the week involves a modified form of name magic. Many of you may have read my posts a few months ago dealing with various systems of magic. Well one of my favorite types of magic has always been name magic, or magic that relies on knowing the “true name” of something. For this week’s challenge I want to combine these two ideas by asking you to write a story in which there exists name magic, but that a thing’s true name is based off of its essential qualities. There are a lot of interesting ways a story like this could be executed and I’ll leave a lot of the details up to you, so I hope that you all have fun with it.  Remember, please keep your stories under 1,000 words if you want to post them on here.


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